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Immerse yourself in our collection of diverse projects that exemplify our commitment to creativity, speed and precision. We invite you to explore the possibilities and envision how Recchie can bring your unique vision to life.

FEI World Cup
ClientBlink ExperienceYear2024Time37 DaysSpace35 000 SQM
Layali Diriyah
ClientDGCLYear2023Time45 DaysSpace8 500 SQM
Dubai Hills Parkways 55
ClientPrivateYear2024Time8 MonthsSpace2100 SQM
District 1 Villa
ClientPrivateYear2023Time8 MonthsSpace500 SQM
Seaside Chalet
ClientPrivateYear2023Time5 MonthsSpace220 SQM
Neom Workforce Village
ClientNeomYear2023Time40 DaysSpace25,000 SQM
Saudi Cup Premium Hospitality
ClientSaudi CupYear2023Time84 DaysSpace7,200 SQM
Formula E Premium Hospitality
ClientFormula EYear2022Time40 DaysSpace8,000 SQM
Qatar Saudi House
ClientSaudi HouseYear2022Time21 DaysSpace710 SQM
Saudi Cup Premium Hospitality
ClientSaudi CupYear2022Time37 DaysSpace6,240 SQM
Saudi Cup Premium Hospitality
ClientSaudi CupYear2021Time18 DaysSpace5,000 SQM
Formula 1 SAGP
ClientFormula 1 SAGPYear2020Time90 DaysSpace50,000 SQM
Al Shindagha Dubai Museum
ClientDubai MunicipalityYear2020Time12 MonthsSpace550 SQM
Emirates Field Hospital Abu Dhabi
ClientUnited Arab EmiratesYear2020Time17 DaysSpace32,000 SQM
Emirates Field Hospital Dubai
ClientUnited Arab EmiratesYear2020Time21 DaysSpace30,000 SQM