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Client: Saudi Cup
Delivery: January 2023

We’re proud to share the successful completion of the Premium Hospitality space we built for the 2023 edition of the Saudi Cup. This wasn’t a pre-existing space, it was a vision brought to life in a remarkable feat of speed and precision by the team at Recchie Contracting.

Just consider the remarkable timeframe: 84 days. In that incredibly short period, our team of 2,150 dedicated workers transformed a vacant plot of land into the now-standing Saudi Cup’s premium hospitality area. This wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering dedication of our crew, who worked tirelessly, day and night, translating the concept into reality. This wasn’t just about building – it was a showcase of our planning, speed and expertise in executing a complex project within an aggressive timeline.

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However, the Saudi Cup Premium Hospitality area wasn’t just about building an entertaining space for VIP guests, it was about creating a space that first and foremost captured the essence of the event. The design incorporated subtle nods to the rich equestrian heritage of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, while maintaining a modern and sophisticated aesthetic. This fusion of tradition and innovation created an environment that was both luxurious and culturally relevant.

Relive the magic of the Saudi Cup through our project gallery! 

Project Gallery: