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From Planning to Reality: Layali Diriyah, 8,500 square meters in 45 Days

Can you imagine building and designing a space the size of 2 football fields in just 45 days?
That’s Layali Diriyah, located in the heart of Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. More than just an event venue, it stands as a modern take on the rich history of the region. Once the vibrant capital of the first Saudi state, Diriyah boasts a unique mud-brick architectural style and a bustling marketplace. Today, Layali Diriyah embodies this heritage while pushing boundaries with its sustainable construction and impressive size (8,500 square meters). This achievement marks Recchie’s dedication to excellence, speed, and environmental responsibility, proving that stunning beauty can exist in harmony with the past and future.
Building something of this speed and quality takes a great amount of planning, and knowhow. You can learn more about it from our COO, Daniel E. Kandalaft: Beyond planning, strong partnerships were crucial. Blink Experience, the region’s leading events company, brought their expertise to the table, while Design Lab Experience, renowned for their bespoke architectural design and art, infused the space with their unique vision. Communication and collaboration were seamless throughout, driving the project forward. In just 45 days, Layali Diriyah materialized, exceeding even our most audacious expectations.
Building Layali Diriyah wasn’t just about speed and grandeur, it was about building responsibly. We faced a crucial challenge: safeguarding the environment while working at such a rapid pace. This meant honoring the rich history of Diriyah, its unique ecological landscape, and minimizing our impact on the Earth. Our planning and execution ensured the preservation of all the palm trees, which now stand proudly within the Layali Diriyah project. Secondly, we treated waste as a responsibility, not an inevitability. Rigorous waste management practices were implemented, minimizing waste generation and ensuring responsible disposal. Every piece of material was tracked and accounted for, reflecting our commitment to minimizing our footprint on the environment. 
The project was delivered right on schedule, a feat made possible by the incredible collaboration of our dedicated team of architects, engineers and exceptional partners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We want to express our deepest gratitude to Blink Experience and Design Lab Experience, whose expertise and seamless teamwork were instrumental in this success. 
Layali Diriyah stands as a testament to the fact that impressive feats can be achieved in harmony with nature and history; proving that speed, precision and responsibility can go hand in hand regardless of size. 
See the Layali Diriyah project come to life in our portfolio here: Layali Diriyah Portfolio